CAUTION: Shut off engine before performing any repairs to the equipment.

1. Belt is worn thin in just one portion. Excessive Slipping of Drive Clutch Pulley caused by
A. Locked Track.
B. Clutch not operating properly.
C. Idle speed is too high.
A. Rotate track by hand to free up.
B. Repair or Release clutch.
C. Reduce engine R.P.M.
2. Drive Clutch turns while engine idles. A. Idle set too high.
B. Wrong belt length.
C. Wrong Drive Center Dimension.
A. Reduce engine R.P.M.
B. Check application specs.
C. See instruction Manual.
3. Belt is worn “Cup” shaped (concave) on sides. A. Too much run out on Drive clutch pulley. A. Repair or replace Drive Clutch.
B. Increase center distance (see manual).
4. Belt Disintegration Excessive Belt speed. Reduce R.P.M. at high speed.
5. Belt “Roll-over” at high speed. A. Pulley system out of line.
B. Belt speed too high.
C. Too much run out on drive clutch pulley.
A. Align System (see manual)
B. Reduce R.P.M.
C. Repair or replace Drive Clutch.
D. Check operator’s manual.
6. Cord breakage on belt edge. A. Misalignment of Drive system.
B. Belt not properly installed.
A. Align System (see manual)
B. Check operator’s manual.
7. Cracking between cogs on belt. Belt is wearing out. Replace belt.
8. Broken or torn cogs. Compression section broken- torn. A. Belt not installed right.
B. Belt is rubbing something.
A. See Manual.
B. Check drive components for interference.
9. Belt worn uneven on one side. A. System out of line.
B. Engine mount is loose.
A. Align system (see manual).
B. Tighten or replace engine mount.
10. Belt has glazed or baked on appearance. Excessive slippage caused by:
A. Lack of enough pressure on belt sides.
B. Horse power too high for clutch and belt.
C. Oil on pulley residual from belt mfgrs. Mold release.
A. Check springs & weights of drive clutch.
B. Consult Dealer
C. Clean belts. Clean pulley faces- Make sure they are dry.
11. Top width of belt worn too much. A. Excessive slipping.
B. Pulleys are scratched or rough.
C. Angle of belt wrong for pulley faces.
A. Check Drive Clutch for proper engagement.
B. Replace or repair pulley.
C. Check data for application.