PRIME LINE CATALOGSWe have a new way to view our catalogs!  We have switched to a new, flip-book style catalog viewer. Below you will find information on how to use the new viewer.


Function Button Description
Table of Contents  tocbutton This button opens the Table of Contents for the catalog. Use this button to easily navigate to different categories and manufacturers of parts. Just press the drop down arrow when the Table of Contents appears.
Zoom Double Click To zoom in on a product simply double click. Double clicking will magnify the page area so that you can easily see product details. While zoomed in, click and hold to move around the page. To exit the zoom, double click.
Page Navigation  pagenav There are a couple of ways to flip the page of the catalog. Click the next/previous page button on the bottom toolbar or on the far right/left side of your screen. You can also click and drag the corner of the catalog page.
Search Search Box In the top right corner there is a search box. To find a specific part number or manufacturer simply type it into the search field and then press enter.